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Do your pride yourself on aviating as efficiently as possible without sacrificing such aeronautical essentials as situational awareness and crew resource management? If you'd like to further streamline your aviation operations - while decluttering your cockpit in the process - the Universal Jet Mount Kit by MyGoFlight is the all-in-one solution that will help you transition to the advantages of electronic instrumentation without spending a bundle. In fact, this phenomenally well-designed, flight-friendly combo allows you to use your existing iPad/tablet - regardless of its size - with or without a case!

This top-of-the-line kit includes two primary components: a Universal Jet Sport Mount and a Universal Cradle Sport Mount. The jet mount employs a high-quality aluminum mounting plate that affixes to any smooth surface - such as the chart holder found on many control columns - via four double-sided 3M RP16 disks, which utilize a remarkably tenacious adhesive that guarantees the base stays right where you want it. The mount also features a tilt plate capable of swiveling up to 15 degrees. It can also be repositioned UP/DOWN approximately 1 inch. The cradle boasts a pair of robust quick-release knobs that allow users to fine-tune the length of the unit's two arms until they perfectly fit the tablet in question. Once the cradle is attached to the base plate, it will easily rotate between the Landscape and Portrait viewing modes. A fantastic item for unfettered in-flight access to your tablet of choice at an always-perfect viewing angle.


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