ASA Pilots in Command: Your Best Trip, Every Trip

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We've all heard the adage "There's no substitute for experience." While that's certainly true, author and experienced airline captain Kristoffer Pierson does wonders at helping readers to significantly shallow the learning curve. In Pilots in Command: Your Best Trip, Every Trip, Pierson shares a wealth of wisdom, insight, and techniques he's learned during his years as an aviation professional. Over the course of the book's 184 pages, Kristoffer provides loads of need-to-know tips seldom addressed in flight training. He covers such airline-oriented topics as crew dynamics, layovers, crew resource management (CRM), crew briefings, dispatch, customer service, abnormal and emergency situations, and much more.

Though much of the content is geared toward professional pilot hopefuls, aviators of all experience levels will learn plenty about how to be more effective PICs. Required reading for anyone who aviates from the left seat.

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