ASA Risk Management Handbook 2A (Softcover)

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When aircraft crashes happen, the general public often wonders what mechanical failure or manufacturing oversight might have caused it.

As a pilot, though, you know that 85 percent of aviation accidents are caused by user error. Reading this book is your first step toward avoiding becoming a grim statistic. The ASA Risk Management Handbook 2A has everything you need to conduct the “identity, assess, and mitigate” tasks in the Airman Certification Standards.

With this book, you can learn essential checklists and develop personal responsibility, professional standards, and the right habits to fly safely. This full-color manual covers subjects such as threat and error management, automation and flight path management, and decision-making. It includes additional risk management training and tools, accident case studies, and risk management exercises.

Flying safely isn’t a matter of luck or choosing the right plan. It’s a matter of preparation and choosing the right training materials. Choose wisely.



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