Beechcraft 18" x 36" Cockpit Posters


Model: Beechcraft BE300 (King Air)
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There are two ways to remember where the instruments are in your Beechcraft. You can sit in a parked Beechcraft and stare at the dash while your family at home misses you and the aircraft personnel assume you are crazy. Or you can buy a cockpit poster.

Cockpit posters are an affordable training device that really pays off. They measure 18x36. Choose from 23 different Beechcraft models, such as the King Air 200 Poster, or the King Air 250 cockpit poster. With so many different options to choose from you can always familiarize yourself with more than one.

Hang it in your home, office, or garage and give it a look every now and then. Use this poster in your chair flight training. Before long, you’ll have your Beechcraft fully memorized.

This item is printed to order. It is not returnable.

Key Features:

  • Full color illustration of the instrument panel for Beechcraft Aircraft

  • 1-3 panels (depending on the aircraft)

  • 18×36 inches

  • Coated paper


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