Revere Aero Compact Liferaft for Aviation 4 Person with Canopy & Standard Plus Kit

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With its 4-Person Liferaft with Canopy & Standard Plus Kit, Revere brings you an assortment of top-quality survival gear to help you manage the risks inherent to extended overwater flight. Within the compact kit, users receive Revere's proven 4-person raft with bright orange, reflective all-weather canopy, double 200-lb ballast bags, USCG-approved water-activated locator light, a raft knife, a sea anchor, and the integral CO2 system that fully inflates the raft in under 30 seconds.

Further enhancing the package is the kit of survival equipment loaded with food rations, drinking water, a desalting kit, first aid kit, survival manual, signal flare kit, signaling mirror, whistle, flashlight with batteries, utility knife, and more. Everything fits into a compact kit valise that easily fits into any GA baggage compartment. An incredibly comprehensive selection of equipment from the experts in survival products.

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