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At Pilot Mall, we are pilots just like you. We know what you want—flight bags and accessories of tremendous quality and performance without a pulse quickening price tag. There are a lot of bags on the market, but we felt we could design bags that could beat them all. We did just that, and we are proud to share the fruits of our labor with you!

Let's face it: Nothing says "luxury in flight" like good old-fashioned leather! Leather isn't just one of nature's most versatile and rugged construction materials; it is engrained in our collective flying consciousness. The supple feel and smell of leather evoke images of the leather flying jackets of the true early birds and of the much-loved leather flight cases that sat on the floors of countless Lockheeds, Boeings, and Douglases. Nothing stands up to punishment like real leather, and few things look better as they age than a dependable leather bag. You can experience this quality at a value price with Pilot Mall's line of leather flying bags. Our leather flying bags have the room and internal organizational systems you need to not only keep your gear safe but to keep you looking professional on the ramp as well. Pilot Mall's Buffalo Leather Day Tripper and Medium Duffel are perfect for longer trips, combining outstanding strength and space with the luxury of perfectly tanned buffalo hide—all at a price that won't break your wallet.