A number of important considerations are involved in choosing the right flight bag. The intended use, budget, length of trips you plan to take, amount of gear you plan to carry and preferred carrying method should all be considered. If you are in the market for a new flight bag, we’ve unpacked some of the best flight bags on the market with something for every budget. 

What to Look for in a Flight Bag

Pilots need a reliable flight bag, and what type of bag is necessary depends on the stage of the person's training or career.

When they are in the student phase, they will require something larger that can hold their study materials and training materials. On the other hand, private pilots may prefer something smaller and lighter to fit shorter trips.

For those who have a career in flying, it is important to find a bag with enough pockets and compartments to accommodate the items needed for each flight.

1. Aerocoast Bags

Aerocoast PRO EFB + Cooler

Aerocoast bags start right below $100 making them some of the more budget friendly bags on our list. Several of their bags come equipped with coolers great for keeping your lunch hot or cold and perfect for those who are trying to eat healthy.

Their Pro Cooler II has an insulated compartment for food storage as well as an expandable bottom compartment for extra carrying capacity and an attached pouch for Laptop, EFB or iPad to keep your device safe and sound. Aerocoast bags also have a quick access sunglass compartment.

Another Aerocoast bag which is perfect for flight crews is the Pro Crew I Wheeled flight bag. Designed with durable, water-resistant materials and an ergonomic handle, this bag will comfortably store all of your necessities like manuals, a laptop, sunglasses, books, and even a change of clothes.

High quality wheels and zippers that are designed to last make this bag a fantastic option that you can use for many years. 

2. Brightline Bags

Brightline B7 Flight

If your budget is a little higher, we love the highly customizable features that come with owning a Brightline Bag. Their proprietary BRIGHTLINE FLEX system helps you keep your bag highly organized, allowing you to find things easily and keep your focus on flying the plane.

If you are looking for versatility and the ability to customize your flight bag, then Brightline is one of the best bags out there. If you are doing an overnight corporate or commercial flight, or just heading out to spend a day in the skies, you can adjust your bag up or down to the size & function that you need with their unique system of interchangeable modules.

The Brightline B7 remains a favorite and comes with several modules and pockets that add up to a total of 9 different compartments to store your supplies. We love the pocket on the top for sunglasses and the velcro-attachable divider space that allows you to customize your bag perfectly for what you need to store.

At a slightly lower price-point, the Brightline B4 Swift could be the right option for you. It will perfectly fit a laptop computer up to 13 inches as well as all of your other aviation gear such as kneeboard, radio, headset, etc. You can further customize your Brightline bag by adding additional expansion modules - enabling your flight bag to grow along with you.

You can even convert the smaller Brightline bags to hands-free backpacks by adding the Brightline Pack Cap, attachable with sturdy zippers. Other options to further customize your bag are also available, making this one of the most versatile flight bag solutions we’ve seen.

3. Crew Gear Bags

Ballistic Nylon Rolling Flight Case on Wheels

Crew Gear makes some of the most popular flight bags available today. Styled from sleek, black ballistic nylon, the bags are water resistant and the reinforced bottom panel will keep your belongings safe from anything the ramp might throw at it. Pilot Mall carries two great CrewGear flight bags. 

The Ultimate Multi Tasker is an accordion-style briefcase with 3 main compartments. The first is a padded compartment designed for a 14” or smaller laptop or tablet.  Your change of clothing and toiletries will stow conveniently in the second compartment. Lastly, the 3-section accordion-style file compartment will come in handy for keeping track of files, magazines and important documents you may need during your flight. 

Alternatively, the Rolling Flight Case on Wheels offers space for up to four Jeppesen binders and has a 42-inch telescoping handle (longest in the industry) to make transiting large airports a breeze.

In addition, it comes with two reversible lid pockets, pen loops and four outside pockets that provide additional capacity for your must-have items. To keep your belongings safe and sound, there’s also a pair of combination locks. To top it off, the reflective tape on the end pockets will insure your bag will always be visible during night ramp activities. 

These bags offer the perfect balance between lightweight design, the ruggedness needed for crew life, and top organizational efficiency. They are perfect for pilots who fly large corporate jets or airliners and need a flight bag to stand up to the punishment of daily use.  

4. Flight Outfitters

Flight Outfitters Lift Flight Bag

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, or a flight bag to display your personality, then check out Flight Outfitters. Designed by a pilot himself, the bags are made with high-strength materials designed to last and suit any type of flying.

The Flight Outfitters Lift Flight Bag sits at a budget friendly price point and will come in handy for those short flights around the practice area. It has a large, padded headset pouch, storage for batteries, a multi-use zipper pocket and an assortment of exterior pockets, perfect for stashing a water bottle or charts. The bag is built to last with reinforced sides and braided wire steel-reinforced carry handles. Available in 2 colors.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something with a bit more room, the Flight Outfitters Lift XL Flight Bag comes with a roomy and versatile interior that can accommodate just about anything you’ll need inflight.

The bright orange interior makes it an attractive option and helps you find your gear easily. It comes with a shoulder strap, but also easily slides over your rolling luggage for easy transport. Available in 2 colors.

5. MyGoFlight

Flight Bag PLC Pro 2018 Edition by MyGoFlight

If you prefer a backpack style flight bag, then look no further than MyGoFlight Flight Bags. Their PLC Pro 2018 Edition offers a top notch backpack design. It also features a shoulder strap and molded rubber handle for versatility in transport.

You’ll appreciate the padded storage space for your tablet or laptop, as well as the zippered document pouch. There is plenty of room for your headset, or a change of clothes in the two interior pockets.

For added room, there’s a pair of expandable side pockets to store your phone, water bottle, GPS or other small necessities that you want to keep handy.

They also offer the smaller (and more budget-friendly) Flight Bag PLC Lite that is great for pilots looking for a lighter, but still well-organized flight bag. Alternatively, if you are in the market for a larger, roll aboard model, check out the Flight Bag PLC Traveler - it’s great for those longer flights out of town. 

6. Travelpro

Travelpro 20" Expandable Business Plus Rollaboard Crew 11 Black

Nearly everyone in the aviation industry has heard of Travelpro and for good reason. They’ve been top runners in the flight bag industry for years and continue to offer dependable totes and rolling bags that are a favorite among experienced airline pilots.

If you are looking for luggage to take inflight, they have a great selection of bags. Travelpro’s smaller Travelpro Deluxe Crew Tote is great for a short day bag, or to carry along with luggage for additional baggage room. With their roomy 22” Expandable Business Plus Rollaboard bag, they’ve got something for all of your travel needs.

If keeping your garments in top shape is important to you, there are three different designs of Travelpro garment bags available from Pilot Mall to help you keep the wrinkles at bay and show up looking your best.


As you’ve learned, there are different flight bags for every task. We hope this article has helped you think about what’s important to you in a bag. Take the time to explore our Flight Bag section and find the perfect fit today!

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