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In this digital age, should you still carry paper charts? 0

Has the time come to ditch the sectionals? Since obtaining FAA approval in the early 2000’s, electronic flight bags have continued to evolve and gain in popularity. Does this mean that paper charts have become antiquated relics, or do they still serve a purpose in your cockpit?

Why would you want to fly with an in-ear headset? 0

At the forefront of innovative technology, the aviation industry is constantly modernizing, finding bigger and better ways to accomplish tasks. While airplanes and routes are growing in size, evolving into faster and longer ideations put into action, headsets are conversely shrinking in size. Part of this increasingly popular movement includes in-ear headsets. These unique inventions have invaded the market and are making waves with their small configurations.

Father’s Day Gifts for Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts 0

Looking for that perfect gift for your aviation enthusiast? Pilots and aviators are a special breed. They can be very hard to shop for; however, you’ll be able to find them things they will need in the cockpit, or something to simply smile if you look in the right place. Whether your price point is $50 or $500, you will be sure to find something for every type of aviation lover at Pilot Mall.

It Is Never Too Late To Learn Something New! 0

Every week we have student pilots enter our storefront looking for training and test prep materials. What stands out about these students is how they range in age from High School to retired… “I finally have the money and time to do the one thing I always dreamed about.”

New Year, “New” Headset 0

How about a New Year’s resolution that will keep your pilot head comfortable and ears protected? Would you believe us if we told you there is a simple resolution that can breathe new life into your favorite headset?!

Protect Your Dogs Hearing - Our four-legged friends deserve a comfortable flight too! 0

Is your furry companion your favorite co-pilot? If so, you are not alone. These days, more and more dogs are taking to the sky.

What's the perfect gift for an aviation enthusiast that already has it all? 0

Halloween is fast approaching and we can’t help but realize that the holidays are just around the corner! Where should you shop for your favorite pilot or aviation enthusiast?! Look no further… You just landed at the right place!

The Silent Killer in the Cockpit 0

You have probably heard of CO or Carbon Monoxide; the colorless, odorless, highly toxic gas. Have you ever thought about it hovering in your cockpit during flight?

Pilot Uniform Accessories 0

Shopping for uniform accessories? At, we offer the perfect selection of accessories to complete your aviation uniform. Our selection of items will pair perfectly with your Philips Van Heusen Professional Pilot Shirt. We know browsing accessories can be overwhelming at times, but fear not. We are here to help!

No Pilot Should Be a Deer In Headlights! 0

One of the simplest (yet incredibly important!) tools a pilot needs is a working flashlight. Pilots use flashlights on the outside of the plane during pre-check and also to see a sectional in the dark during flight. A pilot who doesn’t use a proper flashlight could risk the safety of themselves and their passengers.

What are the differences between Philips Van Heusen Pilot Shirts 0

For a Pilot, the perfect shirt shouldn’t be chosen based on just one need. Every Pilot shirt is NOT created equal. We are here to provide you with an easy to read guideline to make shopping for Professional Pilot Wear stress free. No more comparing from screen to screen this shirt and that shirt… or getting the wrong shirt in the mail and then having to pay return fees, etc.

What to pack for a trip to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Updated for 2019 0

Are you heading to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for a fun filled week of aviation, aviation and more aviation? This guide will help you prepare. Our team has attended for over 20 years and we’ve seen it all. We’re happy to share our wealth of knowledge in recommending must-have supplies, and tips!