For a Pilot, the perfect shirt shouldn’t be chosen based on just one need. Every Pilot shirt is NOT created equal.

We are here to provide you with an easy to read guideline to make shopping for Professional Pilot Wear stress free. No more comparing from screen to screen this shirt and that shirt… or getting the wrong shirt in the mail and then having to pay return fees, etc.

When choosing from the Philips Van Heusen shirt selection we offer on, consider the following guide as a detailed comparison of the three styles!

Even though White is typically the preferred uniform color, special orders can be placed for Blue Professional Pilot shirts. It is important to know that each style has different cuts and features. This way, it'll be easier to find your perfect fit.

Let's get started!

Shirt Comparisons

Philips Van Heusen Features

Using the guide above compare the aviator and commander style to determine which best suits your needs.

You can check out the Philip Van Heusen pilot shirt collection to see all the options Pilot Mall carries.

Helpful Tips:

  • Mitred Bellows Pockets is when the fabric joins diagonally at a 45 degree angle where the hems of the pocket meet at the corner adding an expansion pleat to the outside of the pocket.
  • A spread collar has wider collar points that are angled outwards instead of pointing down. It suits men with slim or long faces, or anyone who appreciates a modern twist to traditional attire.
  • The eyelets are located above the left pocket on PVH Pilot shirts to easily accommodate your company wings pin or a name tag.
  • The PVH Non-Iron Aviator Shirt is a 45% Polyester / 55% Cotton, non-iron material. 
  • The Extra Long Tail is available in all styles with the exception of sleeve lengths 32/33 and below and the Men's Pilot Tapered Fit.
  • All PVH shirts are Numerically sized with the exception of the Long Sleeve Aviator and Women’s Aviator shirt’s.
  • The Men's Commander Shirt in Long Sleeve is cut on the neck in half sizes only.
  • The body of the Tallman versions of the Pilot and Commander shirt is 2 inches longer than the standard short sleeve pilot shirt. 
  • All Long Sleeve styles with Sleeve lengths of 36/37 and above are considered “Tallman” shirts and include the additional 2 inches in length.

Regular Fit Versus Tapered Fit

*Tapered fit is available in Men’s Pilot shirt only.

While we do stock some merchandise at our warehouse, not all styles and sizes are available. All items shipping from our local warehouse, will ship within 24 business hours.

Please allow up to 48 additional business hours, as your items may be shipping directly from the supplier. If you require your shipment expedited, please call 1-800-249-5730 to inquire about shipping rates and availability.

Don’t know your size? Men’s Edition

Philips Van Heusen Men's Aviator Shirt - Short Sleeve

Read below to find out how to get your measurements. Please note: the numeric sizing* of PVH Professional Pilot wear is similar to that of a standard dress shirt. So, if you have your recent measurements, the same sizing should apply.


Measure around the base of your neck where your shirt collar sits. Add 1-2 fingers in between the tape and your neck to ensure space for breathing.


Wrap the tape measure under your arms and around the widest part of your chest and back (making a full circle). Don’t forget to leave some room for breathing.

Sleeve Length

Start the tape at the center of your neck, extend the tape over the top of your shoulder and down to just past your wrist.

Don’t know your size? Ladies Edition

Philips Van Heusen Women's Shirt - White - Pilot Mall

Ladies, we understand how difficult it can be shopping for a shirt online. Read below to find out how to get the correct measurements. All PVH women’s professional pilot shirts are based on the alpha sizing chart listed below.

Please note: All measurements should be taken under, not over, your clothes. The material of this shirt will be a sheer fabric, allowing for breathable functionality and comfort. To reserve modesty, an undershirt is typically worn beneath. Allow for this possibility when taking your measurements.

Did you find this article helpful?

Do you think we missed anything important? Let us know in the comments below!

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