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Nearly every free citizen alive today recognizes the selfless contributions of The Greatest Generation. With Yesterday's Heroes, world-renowned aviation artist Sam Lyons honors the sacrifices of our forebears, as well as one of the legendary aircraft they used to secure our liberty. The 16" x 24" illustration features a magnificent B-24 Liberator parked facing the sun as twilight quickly approaches. Also appearing in the exceptional image is a very special member of the WWII generation: Samuel A. Lyons, Sr., the artist's father. During the war, the elder Lyons piloted the picture's subject B-24, known as "Ginger," and was one of the fortunate souls who survived the skirmishes abroad. Sadly, however, Ginger didn't make it home. She was shot down a mere 13 days after Lyons, Sr. flew his final mission. Sam's personal attachment to the drawing's story is evident in his artwork, and his extra-special devotion to getting the imagery "just right" has resulted in a flawless masterpiece that would make all WWII veterans proud.

This picture is available as both an Artist Proof (limited to 25) and a signed & numbered Limited Edition print (limited to 250). Both versions are printed on acid-free paper, utilize first-rate permanent inks, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. An emotional homage from a son to his father that immortalizes the profound legacies of both.

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