V-22 Osprey Pullback Toy w/Light & Sound (1 Piece / Assorted Styles)

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Pull back and let the Osprey fly with realistic lights, sounds and kid-safe propellers and tilt rotors!

Comprised of high-quality plastics, the V-22 Osprey Pullback Toy w/Light & Sound is the perfect go-to gift for young pilots-to-be and aerospace enthusiasts. The Osprey needs a smooth pull back on its wheels to launch and it can glide, low and fast, for well-over 10-feet at a time. The pull back and release sets the propellers spinning and the lights flashing, with realistic V-22 sounds that are sure to get a giggle out of your kiddo.


  • Three (3) 1.5V batteries
  • 7-inch Osprey length with 5-inch wingspan
  • Rubber tires with pull-back mechanism

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