Timeless T-Craft Limited Edition Sam Lyons Print

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Classic aircraft are a lot like fine wine: They only get better with age. That's certainly the case with Taylorcraft's vintage taildraggers, as aviation artist Sam Lyons shows us in his 16" x 20" illustration Timeless T-Craft. At its center, the image features an antique white Taylorcraft parked outside its equally aged hangar on a bright CAVU day. Fans of T-Craft will applaud Lyons' unrelenting devotion to reproducing every unique aspect of the plane from spinner to tailwheel. Viewers will also relish the ridiculously realistic background imagery that looks more like a photograph than a drawing. Everything from the weed-covered surface to the partially hidden auto to the crops & trees in the distance looks like you could reach out and touch it. The artist's depiction of the wild blue yonder is similarly sensational. After a few minutes of poring over the image, you might even feel the need to apply a little sunscreen.

This item is available as both an Artist Proof (limited to 30) and a signed & numbered Limited Edition print (limited to 300). Both versions are printed on acid-free paper, utilize first-rate permanent inks, and include a Certificate of Authenticity. A remarkable rendition of a legendary aircraft in an exquisite environment that's guaranteed to brighten your day regardless of actual Wx conditions.

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