Sikorsky SB>1 Defiant™ Large Mahogany Model

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This stunning replica of the Sikorsky SB>1 embodies the historical significance and groundbreaking design of this advanced rotorcraft.

Handcrafted from mahogany wood with meticulous attention to detail, this model showcases the Defiant's revolutionary capabilities. The SB>1 Defiant features a coaxial rotor system, a rear pusher propeller, and advanced fly-by-wire technology, enabling exceptional speed, agility, and maneuverability. Designed for future vertical lift missions, it represents the next generation of military aviation.

The limited-edition model measures 18.5 inches long with 8.5-inch blades.

Add some cutting-edge cool to your home or office with a model that celebrates pushing the boundaries of helicopter technology.

  • Limited Edition: 100 Pieces in Collection
  • Material: Mahogany Wood
  • 18.5 Inch Long Body
  • 7 Inch Wide Body
  • 8.5 Inch Blades

SIKORSKY®, DEFIANT™, associated emblems and logos, and body designs of vehicles are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation in the USA and/or other jurisdictions, used under license by Inc.


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