FAA Seattle Terminal - 04/20/23 thru 06/15/23

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For pilots who aviate VFR around Jet City, the FAA's info-rich, full-color Seattle Terminal Area Chart (TAC) is a perfect cockpit companion for increased situational awareness and operational efficiency. Although Sectional Charts have an advantage in terms of enroute navigation, TACs are a better choice for flights in congested, Class Bravo airspace. TACs utilize a large (1:250,000; 3.43 nm per inch [1.35 nm per cm]) scale that allows them to depict additional landmarks, important altitudes, radio frequencies, and other noteworthy aeronautical data that's not feasible to include on sectionals. Additionally, the Seattle TAC features a VFR Flyway Planning Chart on the reverse side, which presents flight paths and altitudes to help low, slow aviators steer clear of larger, faster aircraft.

The Seattle TAC presents a detailed depiction of the Class B airspace centered around the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). As is characteristic of all TAC publications, this chart is updated every six months. An affordable, intuitive, data-rich resource for safe, enjoyable VFR ops in The Emerald City.


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