RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 10" Tablets with Suction Cup Mount Kit

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Even operators of vintage Piper J-3 Cubs, classic Taylorcraft, and similar airplanes that lack an electrical system can enjoy the latest & greatest in 21st Century electronic navigation - with a little help from the RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 10" Tablets with Suction Cup Mount Kit. This exceptionally rugged collection of industry-leading components allows users to securely mount the tablet computer of their choice for rock-solid, hands-free in-flight utilization in virtually any aircraft. Furthermore, the kit's inherent articulating design offers an essentially unlimited number of viewing angles, so you can always count on no-fuss readability regardless of ambient conditions.

Chief among the combo's trio of parts is the RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 10" Tablets. With its four spring-loaded stainless steel arms, the cradle is capable of expanding and retracting to provide a gentle-yet-solid hold on tablets of varying dimensions (6 1/4"-8.1" W, up to 7/8" D). Rubber-coated tips safeguard your device from nicks and scratches, and the unit's minimalist design facilitates unfettered access to all ports, buttons, camera lenses, etc. The other end of the rig features a 3.3" D suction cup with a twist-lock base that delivers a phenomenal hold on glass, plastic, and similar smooth, non-porous surfaces. Both the X-Grip and the suction cup feature 1" rubber ball heads that connect to the kit's standard length (3.69") double socket arm. Once the three pieces are joined, the two ball-and-socket joints offer a nearly infinite degree of positioning possibilities. For added convenience, a single adjustment knob controls the tension on both joints. Furthermore, the entire contraption can be easily removed by sliding the quick-release lever at the suction cup's base. Without a doubt, the crème de la crème of cockpit tablet mounts that aviators at all levels are bound to adore.


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