RAM Double Socket Arm for 1" Balls (Overall Length: 3.69")

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Familiar with the expression, "It only costs a nickel to go first class."? While we can't quite match the price, we can deliver plenty of enviable amenities to your favorite RAM Mounts cradles and mounting bases (sold separately) - with a little help from the RAM Double Socket Arm for 1" Balls (Overall Length: 3.69"). This 3.69" powder-coated marine grade aluminum arm features a pair of sockets - one at each end - that are designed to attach to the 1" rubber balls found on numerous RAM cradles and bases. Once in place between a base and a cradle, the arm provides an astounding degree of articulation that enables users to precisely position their electronic devices for that "just right" viewing angle time and again. To secure the chosen position, simply tighten the unit's single knob. Should it become necessary to adjust the view, just loosen the knob, reposition as desired, and tighten once again. Socket-to-socket length is 3". An elite, affordable accessory for first-rate flexibility the likes of which you've never experienced.