RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 10" Tablets Flat Surface Mount Kit

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Even if the latest & greatest state-of-the-art glass cockpit is well beyond your budget, that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to an extremely capable electronic flight bag (EFB) every time you depart terra firma. With the RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 10" Tablets with Flat Surface Mount Kit in your aviation arsenal, you can enjoy access to a wealth of beneficial apps for everything from flight planning to navigation, performance calculations to Wx info, flight after flight. Simply combine this cost-effective combo with the tablet computer of your choice and you'll be ready for takeoff in nothing flat.

The heart of the kit is the one-of-a-kind RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 10" Tablets. Its four spring-loaded stainless steel arms expand and retract to provide a gentle-yet-firm hold on tablets of varying sizes (6 1/4"-8.1" W, up to 7/8" D. * With additional supports in place [optional], length is limited to 10 1/4"). Rubber-coated tips safeguard your gadget from nicks and scratches, and the cradle's open-frame design fosters unobstructed access to all ports, buttons, camera lenses, etc. Anchoring the combo is a 2 1/2" D round base with pre-drilled holes in the universal AMPs pattern. Its flat face allows the unit to be affixed to an assortment of flush surfaces such as glareshield tops, instrument panels, shelves, and a variety of RAM and third-party products (sold separately). Both the X-Grip and the AMPs disk have 1" rubber ball heads that connect to the combo's long length (6") double socket arm. With the three pieces joined, the two ball-and-socket joints offer a nearly infinite degree of positioning possibilities. For added convenience, a single adjustment knob controls the tension on both joints. Ideal for owners/operators who usually pilot a single aircraft. An exceptional aeronautical enhancement that's guaranteed to give your traditional flight deck a new lease on life.


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