RAM V-Shape Base with 1" Ball for Rails and Yokes

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If you're a Beechcraft pilot at heart - and a fan of RAM Mounts' first-rate electronics cradles and mounts, the RAM V-Shape Base with 1" Ball for Rails and Yokes is the all-in-one solution that enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Designed specifically to attach to Beech "throw over" yokes and similarly large struts/rails from 1" to 2.1" in diameter, the unit features a V-shaped saddle plate and accompanying metal straps (both 6" L and 8" L straps included) that provide a secure, reliable hold from which to mount your tablet computer or other electronic gadget. The base's 1" rubber ball is tailor-made to interface with a wide range of RAM cradles and mounting/adjustment arms (sold separately), so users of other RAM products can seamlessly integrate their existing RAM items into their Beech-based flight ops. Also makes an excellent alternative for aircraft without a conventional control column. Requires a screwdriver (not included) to affix the metal strap(s). A low-cost, high-utility aeronautical accessory that allows uncompromised access to the portable glass cockpit of your choice.


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