RAM Tab-Tite Universal Cradle for 10" Tablets Double Suction Mount Kit

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Don't let the chance of turbulence, gusty winds aloft, or other things that go bump in the aircraft dissuade you from tapping into the aeronautical potential of your 10" tablet computer. With our RAM Tab-Tite Universal Cradle for 10" Tablets Double Suction Mount Kit at your disposal, you can always count on rock-solid security against whatever forces Mother Nature might throw your way.

At its foundation, the combo boasts not one, but TWO 3.25" twist-lock suction cup bases - each of which delivers a phenomenally tenacious hold to glass, plastic, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces. The opposite end of the kit features a Tab-Tite™ universal clamping cradle capable of accommodating tablets from 8.5"-11.125" H, 6.38"-7.75" W, and 0.13-0.56" D. The unit's spring-loaded design fosters quick & easy insertion/removal of your gadget without the need to fumble with clasps or knobs, and its cushioning support cups contain open slots that permit access to ports, jacks, camera lenses, etc. They can also be swapped out for different size/style cups should you upgrade devices from time to time. Connecting the case to the base is a RAM Mount 3.69" Double Socket Arm. Once affixed to the 1" ball heads on the cradle and the Double Suction Mount, the arm provides a virtually unlimited degree of user-adjustable articulation, so you can always count on that "just right" vantage point. Ideal for CFIs, aircraft renters, and anyone else who frequently flies a variety of aircraft. An exceptionally well-designed system no tablet-toting pilot should dare aviate without.