RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 7" Tablets with 1" Ball

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Familiar with the phrase, "Less is more."? While the expression is often overused - especially in marketing efforts - the saying is perfectly appropriate when it comes to describing the RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 7" Tablets with 1" Ball. With its minimalist design and first-rate components, the cradle fosters full access to all of your tablet's buttons, ports, and features while simultaneously safeguarding the device from the unavoidable bumps, shakes, and jostles inherent to travel.

This top-notch tablet holder boasts four stainless steel, spring-loaded, expandable grip arms that easily adjust to provide that "just right," firm-yet-gentle hold on the majority of small tablets up to 7". Complementing the cradle's durable arms are its rubber-coated grips that help protect against nicks and scratches. The back of the case features a 1" rubber ball that smoothly connects to a wide variety of RAM's 1" socket mounts (sold separately). Its ball-and-socket design is also optimized to facilitate multiple viewing angles, so you can rest assured you'll always have that ideal vantage point - regardless of changing conditions. Fits devices from 2 1/4"-5 3/4" W and up to 7/8" D (gadgets 2 1/4" W must be at least 7" L to fit). An outstanding choice for on-the-go access to your must-have electronics that will serve you well in the air, on the road, and even at sea.

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