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Don't depart for the Amazon region without a current copy of the M-26 Operational Navigation Chart (ONC) at your side. Published by the Defense Mapping Agency, ONCs utilize the same scale used for World Aeronautical Charts (WACs; 1:1,000,000 [13.7 nm per inch {5.4 nm per cm}]) and cover an area of 8 degrees of latitude. While they don't portray COM/NAV frequencies, ONCs depict an enormous amount of aeronautical data including airports, obstructions, contours/elevations, restricted airspace, MOAs, rivers, cities, unique landmarks, and much more. The chart of choice for areas not covered by Sectionals and WACs.

The M-26 chart covers the tropical region around the Amazon River, including much of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana, and Suriname. Like all ONCs, measures 42" x 57å?". Revised as needed. An incredibly affordable, data-rich, must-have navigational resource for aerial operations in tropical South America.

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