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Believe it or not, there was actually a time when commercial air travel was a very pleasant experience. Long before the days of marathon delays and invasive security checks, air passengers traveled in the lap of luxury; which often included lobster dinners, complimentary champagne, and non-plastic silverware. While we can't bring back those good ol' days, our On Top of the World globe makes an outstanding reminder of that exciting era of pinnacle airline performance.

The elegant globe features an antiqued finish characteristic of a decades-old heirloom. Further upping the ante is its shimmering silvery base with a matching miniature Lockheed Constellation soaring over the Arctic region; undoubtedly enroute to some ultra-chic destination. Measures 22cm x 26.5cm x 31cm and weighs 0.9 kg. A superb, vintage-looking accessory that jet setters young and old will love to call their own.

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