Learjet 31 Large Mahogany Model

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The Learjet 31 is a twin engine, high-speed light business jet produced between 1987 and 2003. This jet was the final aircraft based on the Learjet 24 type certificate, and the LJ31's design also draws on the best structural features of other previous Learjet models.

The Longhorn wing of the Learjet 55 and the fuselage of the Learjet 35A were both built into the LJ31. This wing and fuselage combination created a light, clean craft with both higher performance and better fuel efficiency than other aircraft in the category. At low speeds, the 31's delta fins provide stable and predictable handling.

This stunning Limited-Edition Learjet 31 Large Mahogany Model is handcrafted from the finest mahogany wood. The high-quality design captures every detail of the LJ31. Your model includes a detachable wood display stand and arrives securely packaged in a foam fitted shipping box. It is a great gift for any pilot or aviation enthusiast.

  • Limited Edition: 100 Pieces in Collection
  • Material: Mahogany Wood
  • 12.75 Inch Wingspan
  • 18 Inch Length

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