Jet Dreams 11" x 11" Hardcover Coffee Table Book by Jessica Ambats

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Is your coffee table naked? Even worse, is it propping up bland books that don’t speak to your passions and interests?

No matter what the reason, if you’re on the hunt for a new coffee book, look no further than "Jet Dreams" by Jessica Ambats. It’s filled with dramatic aerial photography of owner-operated jets. The stories of these pilot entrepreneurs are as inspirational as the imagery.

Let this 216-page book and a hot cup of coffee fuel your aviation dreams.

Jet Dreams features awe-inspiring jets in spectacular locations, but it's about something bigger: chasing dreams. The owners of each of these jets are their own pilots. They are entrepreneurs who achieved their childhood dream of learning to fly, and they can inspire us all.

  • 216 Pages
  • 11" x 11" Hardcover

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