FAA Instrument Flying Handbook FAA-H-8083-15B

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The FAA Instrument Flying Handbook is a valuable resource for flight instructors, pilots preparing for the instrument rating exam, and instrument-rated pilots preparing for an IPC (instrument proficiency check) or seeking a thorough refresher. This edition contains full-color charts and illustrations, as well as a detailed glossary and index.

The Instrument Flying Handbook is the FAA's primary reference book for instrument training and flight rules. The subjects covered in this resource include aircraft operation in IMC (instrument meteorological conditions) and without outside visual reference. This handbook also covers flight with electronic and analog flight displays, the air traffic control and national airspace systems, human factors, emergency operations, flight maneuvers for IFR operations, aerodynamics, and helicopter IFR operations. This handbook also covers instrument clearance shorthand, and it includes an instrument training lesson guide.

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