FAA Chart Supplement NW - 5/16/24 thru 7/11/24

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Those who fly in the Northwestern US should consider the FAA's Airport/Facility Directory (A/FD) NW a "no-go" item on their preflight checklists. This official FAA publication contains the very latest information on airports, heliports, seaplane bases, NAVAIDS, weather sources, communications data, and additional aspects of the National Airspace System. Published every 56 days, A/FDs contain the most current information available on such items as radio frequencies, telephone numbers, runway dimensions & layouts, fuel availability, lighting systems, and much, much more. They also highlight changes that have occurred since the most recent publication of various aeronautical charts (Sectionals, TACs, WACs, Helicopter Route Charts, etc.), as well as updates to instrument approach procedures.

This volume of the A/FD contains the pertinent FAA data affecting aviation operations in the Northwestern states (ID, MT, OR, WA, and WY). Available as a one-time purchase or as a subscription, the Airport/Facility Directory is the affordable, reliable, must-have official publication to keep you safe and informed throughout your operations in the National Airspace System.

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