Disposable Oil Funnel (10 Pack)

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Although oil is the lifeblood of your engine, it can also be a very messy nuisance. Try adding oil to your powerplant without a funnel and you're essentially guaranteed to make a mess - not to mention waste a little not-exactly-cheap lubricant. Fortunately, this 10 Pack of Disposable Oil Funnels makes it much easier and more efficient to replenish your engine's supply of black gold. This package of disposable funnels fold flat to 4" x 7" for easy storage and opens to 2½" x 2½" x 7" for spill-free oil replenishment. Reaches deep into your aircraft's cowling and is designed to fit any oil fill opening. When finished, simply toss the funnel - no cleanup necessary. A fantastic item that should be a staple of every aviator's flight bag.


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