Dassault Falcon 900 Large Mahogany Model

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Longevity is a pretty solid way to judge an aircraft. And in that category, few compare to the Dassault Falcon 900. This trijet hit the market in 1984 and is still in production. Dassault has sold more than 500. While the French manufacturer has made it a goal to sell as many F900s as possible, High Flying Models has taken a different approach to its scale replicas of the aircraft. Instead, it has created a rare, limited edition model of the Falcon 900. Each is handmade by the finest craftsmen using the finest materials. Supplies are limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to recognize the Falcon 900.
  • Limited Edition: 100 Pieces in Collection
  • Material: Mahogany Wood
  • 16.75 Inch Wingspan
  • 16.25 Inch Length

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