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With our scintillating scale model of the iconic DC-3, we've succeeded in raising the bar for replica aircraft into the stratosphere. While our superior line of reproduction airplanes sets the standard everyone else is measured against, we've further upped the ante by constructing this miniature from high-quality aluminum - complete with etched metal sheets and rivets that don't leave any details out!

Go ahead and pore over its surface. Examine the landing gear assembly. Scrutinize the 3-bladed Hamilton Standard props mounted on the pair of R-1830-S1C3G Twin Wasps. If you're hoping to spot an inaccuracy or two, we're sad to say you'll be sorely disappointed. We've done our homework and double-checked all the details to ensure this stunning mini is structurally identical to its famous big brother. Measures 65cm x 98cm x 17cm. The gold standard in scale reproduction aircraft that reigns supreme above all others.

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