CFI Certificate Aviation Achievement Plaque

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Ask any professional pilot, and they will tell you that one of the hardest certificates to earn is a flight instructor certificate. Countless hours of flying, study, and preparation go into gaining the skills and professionalism necessary to become a flight instructor-and the check ride is no piece of cake! A pilot who has earned the title of flight instructor deserves to be rewarded. What better way to immortalize his or her achievement than with an elegant plaque from Pilot Mall?

Each CFI Certificate Aviation Achievement Plaque measures eight inches by six inches and is handcrafted from beautiful black leather that is mounted perfectly on a black lacquered wood frame. The script on the leather is laser etched in silver to commemorate the pilot's achievement along with a classy depiction of aviator's wings. Each plaque can be customized to include the pilot's name. This plaque makes for the perfect gift from a pilot's instructor, flight school, friends, or family.

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