FAA Boston Terminal - 01/25/24 thru 3/21/24

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With its full-color set of Terminal Area Charts (TACs), the FAA goes well beyond its popular series of Sectional Charts to deliver an impressive level of additional detail designed specifically to enhance the situational awareness of pilots operating in busy Class B airspace areas. TACs utilize a large (1:250,000; 3.43 nm per inch [1.35 nm per cm]) scale that allows them to depict additional landmarks, important altitudes, radio frequencies, and other noteworthy aeronautical data that's not feasible to include on sectionals. Additionally, several TACs feature VFR Flyway Planning Charts on the reverse side, which present flight paths and altitudes to help low, slow flyers steer clear of larger, quicker traffic.

The Boston TAC provides a detailed depiction of the Class Bravo airspace centered around the city's Logan International Airport (BOS). As with all TAC publications, this chart is revised every six months. A low-cost, value-packed tool to augment your situational awareness and operational safety while flying around Beantown.