Plane Sights Blade Pitot Tube Cover

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Keeping your pitot tube clean and free of debris is essential to ensuring accurate, reliable airspeed indications. This flashy, multicolored Blade Pitot Tube Cover from Plane Sights easily and securely attaches to the blade-type pitot tubes found on Piper, Diamond, and Lake aircraft to keep insects, dirt, and other debris from entering the tube and causing erroneous readings.

In addition to its attention-grabbing orange & yellow hue, this water-resistant cover boasts a lengthy reflective strip to ensure you won't forget to remove it for night flights. Additionally, unlike the vast majority of urethane blade-type pitot covers, this item features a rubberized trim and unique pull tab to ensure it stays put until you choose to take it off. Guaranteed for two years. An extremely affordable, vibrant accessory to safeguard the accuracy of your airspeed indications.


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