Aviation Laboratories Metal Check Oil Analysis Test Kit GA-001

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With the comprehensive Metal Check Oil Analysis Test Kit from Aviation Laboratories, a few ounces of oil can prevent avoidable engine wear - not to mention potentially saving you from a hazardous in-flight emergency. With this low-cost kit, Aviation Laboratories will run a comprehensive check of your engine's oil to check for signs of abnormal wear before it becomes a major problem.

Simply collect a few ounces of your engine's oil and send it in the included package for analysis by Aviation Laboratories' team of experts. Upon receipt, they'll promptly check your sample for 12 distinct signs of abnormal wear that could signify impending trouble. If anything is amiss, you'll be contacted by phone within 24 hours of receipt of your sample. If all is well with your oil, you'll receive a comprehensive report electronically or by mail. All reports include results from your previous three samples (if applicable) to facilitate spotting trends. An invaluable, extremely affordable analysis to safeguard your engine, your passengers, and yourself from potential powerplant problems. Postage is not included.