ASA The Flight Instructor's Survival Guide

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Take Flight with Confidence: Your Essential Guide to Flight Instruction
So you've mastered the fundamentals of instruction, but the real world of teaching aspiring pilots can be a different sky altogether. ASA's The Flight Instructor's Survival Guide is your trusty co-pilot, navigating you through the challenges and triumphs of flight instruction with wit, wisdom, and real-world experience.

Author Arlynn McMahon, a seasoned CFI herself, throws out the dry textbook approach and replaces it with engaging stories and practical strategies. Through 44 captivating anecdotes, she breathes life into the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) principles, demonstrating how they translate into effective teaching moments in the cockpit. McMahon tackles common situations and unexpected hurdles, equipping you with tools to:
  • Master the art of communication: Learn to connect with diverse students, provide clear and concise instruction, and foster a positive learning environment.
  • Navigate student anxieties and learning styles: Discover techniques to identify and address individual needs, build confidence, and keep motivation soaring high.
  • Handle emergencies with grace and skill: Prepare yourself for unexpected situations and instill safe flying habits in your students.
  • Become a resourceful and adaptable instructor: Gain essential tips for managing your time, paperwork, and the ever-evolving world of aviation.
Whether you're a new CFI or a seasoned pro seeking fresh insights, The Flight Instructor's Survival Guide is your roadmap to becoming a truly exceptional teacher. So buckle up, take off, and embark on a journey that will not only transform your students' flying skills but also enrich your own experience as an instructor.

Land the perfect flight instruction experience. Get your copy of The Flight Instructor's Survival Guide today!

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