ASA Aviation Mechanic Handbook 8th Edition

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The 8th edition of the ASA Aviation Mechanic Handbook is a vital part of any mechanic's arsenal of knowledge. This book is filled with data from a wide array of sources and is a one-stop data shop for mechanics and DIY pilots. No more searching through endless references looking for that one golden nugget of information! Dale Crane has compiled it all in one book that is as user-friendly as it is informative.

Filled with information about formulas, conversions, tools, hardware sizes, techniques, and inspections, the ASA Aviation Mechanic Handbook 8th Edition is spiral bound with sturdy plastic that won't scratch working surfaces, and each page lays flat for easy hands-free reference. Measuring 4-7/8" X 7 1/8", 480 pages, this essential guide will fit neatly into any toolbox. For the mechanic, AMT student, or DIY pilot, this is the one book that you must own!

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