Aerox Retrofit Kit with Scott type fitting

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If you own a Piper, Beechcraft, or Mooney airplane, and you are looking to upgrade your cockpit oxygen system so that it’s more efficient, then this retrofit kit from Aerox is for you. The kit uses a Scott-type fitting to adapt systems by those three manufacturers to work with the high-efficiency Aerox Oyxsaver nasal cannula. The enhanced cannula (included with the purchase of this kit) captures your exhaled air in a reservoir and mixes it with the exact amount of oxygen you need to breathe. This simple retrofit can extend the life of your canister by up to 8 times over standard systems.
Kit contents include:
  • Oxysaver cannula
  • Flowmeter/Indicator that shows both oxygen flow and altitude
  • All-metal Adjustable Flow Valve that allows you to perfectly adjust flow for both altitude and the type of equipment you are using.
Breathe new life into your existing plane and go longer between O2 refills with this retrofit kit from Aerox.

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