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DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes

DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes
DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes
DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes
DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes
DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes
DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes
In Stock Product Code 6223
Aerospace-grade, low-linting, additive-free spunlaced cleaning wipes.
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Aerospace-grade, low-linting, additive-free spunlaced cleaning wipes.

Regardless of your exact aviation cleaning needs, you'll be hard pressed to find a product on the market that can come close to the rugged, user-friendly properties of DuPont Sontara Aerospace-Grade Wipes. These remarkably well-constructed, 9' x 16.5' wipes are free of additives, binders, and glue for super absorbency that won't stain or damage your equipment. Additionally, their unique, spunlaced construction is optimized to resist snagging and binding on corners and rivets, and their low-linting qualities ensure they won't leave a mess behind. Ideal for cleaning windshields, polishing chrome & aluminum, wiping away grease & oil, and numerous other aviation applications. Each box contains 100 wipes. An exceptionally well-designed cleaning agent from the quality experts at DuPont.

From the Manufacturer

Tough new DuPont Sontara AC aircraft wipes are the smart choice for both aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. Packaged 100 per pop-up box, these 9' x 16.5' (23 cm x 42 cm) wipes are engineered for critical cleaning.

Their strength and low-linting characteristics make them ideal for a wide variety of flight-critical jobs. They leave no rag marks when used in pre-paint applications-and they're ideal for cleaning windshields and polishing bright work (chrome, high-polish aluminum, etc.). Plus Sontara AC wipes can handle tough cleaning agents without falling apart.

Consistently clean and exceptionally absorbent Sontara AC is 'The Clean Choice' because it contains no binders or glue. It's clean right out of the box. In contrast, laundered rental towels can still contain chemical residue, stains, and metal shavings. Rags made from used clothing are often stained and lack absorbency and other characteristics needed for cleaning applications.

Sontara AC is great for wiping surfaces dry because it has no additives that can hamper absorbency. And it's ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Sontara AC is specially engineered to resist snagging on metal parts and corners. That's why it's superior to paper wipes that snag and tear, leaving lint behind. Sontara AC also outperforms cheesecloth, which can leave strings behind when it snags on a rivet.

Sontara Aerospace Grade Wipes, style K802, meet the following requirements:

  • Aerospace Material Specification AMS-3819-B, Class 2, Grade A
  • The Boeing Company BMS 15-5F, Class A
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • Cessna Aircraft Company CSFS039
  • Douglas Material Specification DMS-1820E
  • Japan Defense Agency
  • Pratt & Whitney GA100-11E
  • US Air Force T.O. 1-1-8
  • US Navy NAVAIR


  • Manufactured in an ultra-clean spunlacing process
  • Rigorous production controls ensure product quality and uniformity
  • Engineered to resist snagging
  • Spunlacing process eliminates need for binders and glues


  • Exceptionally clean-contains no chemical residue, stains or metal shavings
  • Superior wipe-dry performance
  • Low-linting; less likely to snag on metal parts and corners
  • Tackles isopropyl alcohol, MEK and other tough solvents without falling apart


  • Polishing bright work (chrome, high-polish aluminum, etc.)
  • Leaves virtually no lint when wiping windshields and other flight-critical surfaces
  • Repairing landing gear and engines
  • Numerous aircraft manufacturing applications

    How it is made

    Inside every DuPont Sontara Technologies fabric, short lengths of fiber (called staple) form a strong, three-dimensional sheet structure. Often described as a spunlaced material, it is a nonwoven, textile sheet fabric. Unlike traditional fabrics, its fibers are not spun into yarns, not woven or knitted. And unlike many other nonwoven materials, Sontara Technologies fabrics use no binders, surface modifiers or adhesives to hold the fibers together, minimizing the possibility of product contamination or user allergic reactions. This makes possible structures of very high purity - an important advantage in numerous applications, particularly medical, critical environments, engineered wiping, and many consumer product applications.

    The technology of Sontara turns fibers into fabric by hydroentangling - shooting thousands of high-pressure (up to 2000psi), needle-like jets of water at a random batting of blended fibers. The jets entangle the fibers into a fabric, which is then dried and wound into a fabric roll. Fibers may be entangled to form a strong yet soft sheet structure with either a repeating pattern (called aperture) or no pattern. Virtually any combination of fibers can be entangled, including polyester, rayon, acrylic, nylon,woodpulp and cotton - providing almost limitless control of performance characteristics.

    The technology of Sontara can produce spunlaced fabric ranging from absorbent to repellent - with stability or conformability in all directions. This technology creates products for both disposable and durable goods applications.

    Features & Benefits Of Spunlaced Fabrics

    Absorbency - Since Sontara Technologies fabrics can be made with a variety of fibers, the ability to absorb various liquids can be controlled without the use of surface modifying agents.

    Chemical purity - Sontara Technologies fabrics offer low contamination potential because they contain no binders or adhesives.

    Cleanliness - The Sontara Technologies spunlace process literally 'washes' the fabric during the manufacturing process removing contaminants, such as particles and lint.

    Hypoallergenic properties - Spunlaced fabrics do not produce allergenic or toxic responses in human skin. In keeping with standard industry practices, however, it is recommended that appropriate clearance testing be conducted when dyes, resins, or other finishing chemicals are applied.

    Low-linting - The high energy imparted in the spunlacing process on the fibers creates a low lint fabric.

    Softness - The absence of still chemical or thermal bonds produces superior softness, where fibers are free to bend and move as the fabric is flexed.

    Strength & durability - Sontara Technologies fabric has exceptional resistance to tearing, and maintains over 75% of its strength when wet. In addition, spunlaced fabrics offer high machine/cross directional strength ratios.
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