RAM 2.43" x 1.31" Diamond Ball Base with 1" Ball

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Serial supporters of RAM Mount's industry-leading lineup of electronics cradles and mounting bases will appreciate the affordable adaptability made possible by the RAM 2.43" x 1.31" Diamond Ball Base with 1" Ball. Fabricated from remarkably rugged powder-coated marine grade aluminum, this robust item brings added flexibility to users of RAM cradles and mounts (sold separately). For starters, its pair of pre-drilled holes, which are arranged in the universal AMPs 2-hole pattern, enable users to attach the device to an extensive selection of RAM cases & cradles, as well as third-party offerings. The base can also be swapped with the 2 1/2" round plate found on many RAM products to better suit units/product pairings that are optimized for the diamond alternative. Additionally, this mount features a 1" rubber ball head that's tailor-made to complement the 1" sockets common to RAM articulating arms and other devices (sold separately). It can also be permanently affixed (via 2 screws/bolts) to a base surface and used as a mount. The unit's holes are 1.912" from center to center. A superb selection for low-cost versatility that easily adapts to match your unique needs.


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