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Camera Adapters

One of the joys of flying is sharing your experiences with others. It is something that has been part of flying since the Wright Brothers-few things are more pleasurable than hanging around the airport or local watering hole sharing flying stories and learning from the exploits of other pilots. High-quality digital video equipment is now available to record your flights, bringing a high definition dimension to the age-old "hangar flying" experience and extending your story's reach to other friends and family via the power of social media. The only problem is this: How can you add an intriguing audio element to your recordings without all of the annoying cockpit noise?

Pilot Mall has the solution for your high definition audio/video recording needs. Recording dependable audio used to require cumbersome equipment that came with a price tag that reflected its specialized purpose. With our camera adapters, recording crystal clear audio is simply a matter of having the proper adapter that plugs into your camera, your aircraft's mic jack, and your headset—that's it! Your videos will now include your voice, aircraft intercom sounds, and air traffic control transmissions and will make your viewers feel like they were in the cockpit right alongside you.

Pilot Mall's camera adapters are a must-have addition to your recording arsenal. They will work with nearly any video camera including those manufactured by GoPro, Garmin, and Drift. Not only will you be able to share quality audio and video recordings with others, but these adapters can make your cockpit video a true learning tool by turning your camera into a mobile cockpit voice recorder. Our camera adapters enable flight instructors to use their videos as powerful teaching tools to enhance their students' understanding.