Shopping for uniform accessories? At, we offer the perfect selection of accessories to complete your aviation uniform. Our selection of items will pair perfectly with your Philips Van Heusen Professional Pilot Shirt. We know browsing accessories can be overwhelming at times, but fear not. We are here to help!

Philips Van Heusen Shirt

*Mannequin pictured wearing a regular (19") Zipper Tie, a pair of black Epaulets with three gold stripes, and a PVH Commander, Short Sleeve, in size 18.

Epaulets are traditional shoulder boards worn by pilots to identify their rank. We proudly offer epaulets in two fabric colors; Black and Navy Blue. Both fabric colors are available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 bars and either gold or silver strips.

Identifying a Pilot’s rank is easy with this helpful guide.

Typical designations are as follows:

  • 4 Stripes for Captain
  • 3 Stripes for Senior FO (First Officer)
  • 2 stripes for FO (First Officer)
  • 1 Stripe for First Officer on Probation (1 year of employment)

Epaulet Stripes are available in the following color variations

  • Navy Blue Fabric with Gold Stripes
  • Navy Blue Fabric with Silver Stripes
  • Black Fabric with Gold Stripes
  • Black Fabric with Silver Stripes


All of our PVH Professional Pilot shirts come complete with the epaulet shoulder strap and button to secure your epaulets to your shirt. If you are a numbers person who likes to know the exact measurements, the Van Heusen Men’s Commander short sleeve shirt (size 16.5), boosts epaulet shoulder straps that are 6 3/8 inches long by 2 inches wide (1 3/4" wide at the narrowest point).

Epaulets 3 Bar Gold on Black

*Pictured in a black fabric with three gold stripes.

Epaulets are available in one size.

To understand the sizing of our epaulets, please see the info-graphic below.

Epaulet Sizing

To purchase Epaulets please click here.

In addition to your epaulets, we offer the perfect tie for your uniform, the Zipper Tie. Our Zipper Tie is a staple piece for any uniform. It provides a convenient zip-up neck band and is available in 2 colors; Black and Navy Blue. It can also be purchased in 2 lengths; Regular or Long. The Zipper Tie is a finely-woven polyester fabric that is proudly Made in the USA.

The Zipper Tie is approximately 3.5” at its widest point. Please see additional info graphics for more approximate width measurements. Each tie bends and folds with the fabric. The length of the Zipper Tie is measured from the bottom of the knot to the tip of the tie. The Zipper tie comes pre-tied and adjusts to fit any size neck.

Zipper Tie Dimensions

Zipper Tie Lengths

  • Regular Length
    • 19 Inches
  • Long Length
    • 21 Inches

When using your Zipper Tie, please remember to loosen and tighten from the center of the tie. Pulling from either side separately could cause the Zipper tie to become uneven.

To purchase Zipper Ties Click Here.

We do not sell company wing pins or pilot hats. They are usually offered through your airline. We do however offer several novelty costumes. We also offer novelty wing pins.

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