What Shoes Should Pilots Wear?

Here's a loaded question; what shoes should pilots wear? Ask fellow pilots at your local aero club and see what comes back. There definitely won't be an agreement, and there isn't an easy answer, because no pilot is ever just a pilot. The community is made up of very specific pilots. Just ask us, we will tell you.

Pilot Mall realizes the uniqueness of the aviation world. Our loyal aviation enthusiasts fly hundreds of different categories and classes of aircraft, performing an endless variety of operations. That is why we would like to introduce you to Piloti Sneakers, a shoe brand that will complement your unique aviation subculture. 

Piloti Sneakers

As pilots, we take great pride in the modifiers we use to define our aviation niche. The list is endless: Seaplane Pilot, Freight Pilot, Jump Pilot, Charter Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, I could go on. If there are three pilots from three different backgrounds sitting in a bar, we find each other. How do we do that?

We stand out, because we drop some pretty heavy hints. Personally, I have worn the same aviator's chronograph for as long as I can remember. What I can't remember, is the last time I actually used it for anything, to include telling the time. My phone does everything now. However, I'm not going to stop wearing my watch, and I'm actually considering an upgrade. Why? It’s because of tradition. I'm a pilot. I wear big watches, and I'm proud of it. 

Why wouldn't we put as much thought and care into something as important as our feet? We use them every day, on the ground, in the air, they are fairly important appendages. Unlike my big watch, I really don't see a technological advance in the near future that will render them obsolete. 

Yes, I'll definitely need to keep using my feet, which means I need shoes. Preferably shoes that are suitable to the task I perform, which is flying. I fly for a living, therefore I need a shoe that supports that activity. Have you ever been on a flight where that wasn't the case? Have your shoes ever failed you in flight? 

Mine have, and it was a pretty miserable experience. On my last flying job, as a freight pilot, I decided it would be a great idea to try to break in a new pair of leather work boots on a flight from Detroit to Mexico City. What a disaster! I chose the wrong tool for the job, making two of my most important appendages miserable… for three days. 

I can still feel the hard leather biting into my ankles every time I attempted to manipulate the rudder pedals. I suffered in silence that trip, not wanting to embarrass myself in front of my IOE Captain. If only I had known about the Piloti Sneakers line, originally designed for high performance driving and race enthusiasts. 

I thought about the freight part of my job, but I forgot about the flying. I didn't consider the age old adage, "If your feet are uncomfortable, your whole body is uncomfortable." We really need to consider our footwear for functionality and comfort. 

For the discriminating aviator, the statement we should be trying to make with our footwear, is that we care about performance, professionalism, and of course comfort. Pilot Mall understands the importance of choosing the right tool for the right job, that is why we are recommending the Piloti Sneakers line to our talented aviators. 

These Piloti Sneakers are made from premium leather and suede. They are engineered to prevent foot fatigue and pain in key pressure points. Piloti Sneakers are an indispensable tool for pilots dedicated to maximizing their personal performance and making a statement.

Piloti Jh-11 - James Hunt Special Edition Sneaker

Take for example the Piloti Jh-11 James Hunt Special Edition sneaker, named in memory of the British 1976 Formula One champion. The slim fit, and low profile design of these sneakers will make sliding in and out of any tight cockpit a breeze! 

The soles are specifically designed for racing. The heel-toe shifting will not only provide better control over your rudder pedals during taxiing and braking, but will also provide a much better control feel during crosswind landings. When rudder application and smooth control inputs are critical, Piloti Sneakers will stand up to the task.

Don't accidentally lock up your brakes after a normal or short-field landing due to wearing some clunky boots that won't allow you to feel your pedals. I've been there. It's embarrassing, and you can avoid it by using the right tool for the job.

Leave it to Pilot Mall, a company run by pilots, to go out and find a source that can provide the right shoe for the right job.

Imagine walking across the ramp, flight bag over your shoulder, favorite sunglasses donned, big watch on your wrist, wearing a smart new pair of stylish and performance oriented Piloti Sneakers low top sneakers. The message you will be sending to envious onlookers is, "I'm here to fly."

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Daniel Jonathan Ellis

Daniel Jonathan Ellis

Do you not recommend the Piloti sneaker for flying anymore. I click the link and it takes me to Lift Aviation and their shoes. I want a shoe where I can wear while flying and feel the rudder.

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