Space Shuttle Stationary Set

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Embark on a cosmic journey of creativity and learning with our Space Shuttle Stationery Set, designed to ignite your imagination and prepare you for academic missions of astronomical proportions! This space-themed stationery set includes a spaceship-shaped eraser, two trusty pencils, a versatile four-color pen, and a countdown-themed 6 inch ruler. With these astronaut essentials at your side, you'll be well-equipped to conquer any challenge that comes your way in the world of education.

Crafted with a space-saving design, the interlocking pens, pencils, and giant eraser dock neatly together, allowing you to pack up and take off to your next learning adventure with ease. Whether you're sketching out galaxies of ideas, jotting down notes on cosmic discoveries, or charting your course through the academic universe, the Space Shuttle Stationery Set is your faithful companion, inspiring you to reach for the stars and beyond. Prepare for lift-off and let your imagination soar with this stellar stationery set. Measuring 2" x 6" x 1.75", weighing .12 lbs. Get ready for an out-of-this-world academic experience!

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