FAA Enroute Low US L33/34 - 5/16/24 thru 7/11/24

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If there's one "no-go" item your need to safely aviate the congested airspace of the New England megalopolis region, it's a current edition of the FAA's L-33/L-34 Enroute Low Altitude Chart. Developed for navigational use up to (but not including) 18,000 feet, this 4-color chart portrays such essential IFR aeronautical info as Victor Airways, navigational fixes, ATC reporting points, military training routes (MTRs), RNAV routes, special use airspace, controlled airspace boundaries, VHF navigational facilities (frequency, ID, geographic coordinates, and channel), and much more safety-of-flight data.

The L-33 & L-34 chart covers what's considered by many to be the most congested airspace in the world, including portions of NY, MA, CT, RI, PA, MD, DE, VA, and the District of Columbia; notably the Class Bravo airspace around Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The L-34 side also features a Boston-Yarmouth inset. Low-altitude chart scales vary from 5 to 20 nm per inch. Revised on the FAA's standard 56-day cycle. For your convenience, we offer this chart both as a one-time purchase and as an ongoing subscription. A mandatory piece of IFR navigational info to help you stay safe and situationally aware whenever you take to the crowded New England skies.