Flight Outfitters Lift Mini

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Space is tight, and you don’t need much anyway. Just something to carry your iPad, headset, and maybe a few other essentials. If that’s the case, then the Lift Mini bag from Flight Outfitters is for you.

It’s a smaller version of the best-selling Lift-bag, designed to keep your most important gear organized and still fit comfortably under a seat or on the floor.

Features include:

  • Pockets and compartments perfect for storing small items such as keys, charging cables, flashlights, and fuel testers.
  • A padded main compartment fits a headset.
  • An iPad pocket in the back includes a pass-through cable slot for easy charging.
  • Compact size: 11” x 6.5 x” 8.5”.
Everyone needs a small, all-around bag for the cabin. You can’t go wrong with the Lift Mini.

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