Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Folio

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One of the challenges of flight bags is that they are often bulky and purpose-built. They also tend to look like-well, flight bags! The flight bag look is great on the ramp or in the cockpit, but it isn't such a charming look in the office or on the city streets.

The Bush Pilot Folio by Flight Outfitters provides the look and compactness of a business folio with the storage capacity and utility of a flight bag. This folio's canvas construction evokes thoughts of old-time bush pilots plying to skies in the backcountry, but with a softer edge provided by the leather accents. Even as this Flight Outfitter folio has a slim appearance, it is capable of carrying a large amount of gear. The signature Flight Outfitters orange felt lined interior will keep delicate electronics and headsets safe, while the computer sleeve is tailor-made for a laptop or tablet. The front pockets are perfect for pens and flashlights, while the side pouches fit transceivers and fuel testers with ease.

Each Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Folio comes equipped with rugged metal hardware and a shoulder strap for ease of carriage. This folio is by far one of the best looking and versatile bags on the market today

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