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Brightline's B2 Compute provides a multitude of user-friendly, fully customizable storage options for your laptop computer or tablet. This soft bag measures 13.5" x 10.5" x 3.5" and features three primary storage sections. The Center Section 2-Inch (CS2) portion is 2" thick and measures 9.5" x 13.0", perfect for storing a laptop or tablet up to 13". This section can be accessed by zippers along the length or through a top zippered section, and features a gray interior.

The bag's Front End Cap features 3 zippered outside pockets - each with interior pockets of their own - for a total of 9 exterior, front-facing pockets. These compartments are ideal for housing power cords, mobile phones, keys, tools, flash drives, pens, and similar, easily accessible items. The Rear End Cap offers 3 rear-facing exterior pockets: a zippered slip pocket, a half pipe slip pocket, and an outside pocket with flap that are perfect for storing documents, charts, checklists, and similar items. Additionally, the CS2 compartment can be removed entirely, and the two End Caps can be joined to form a Portfolio Bag. An affordable, durable, completely customizable storage bag for the ultimate in on-the-go flexibility.

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