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Brightline's B4 Swift bag consists of the Pocket Cap Front (PCF), Center Section 4 (CS4), Flat Cap Rear (FCR), Side Pocket Alpha (Radio pocket), and Side Pocket Charlie (Pen pocket) modules from Brightline's popular FLEX line of flight bags. The PCF features 3 primary pockets - each with a pair of secondary pockets - for a total of 9 storage compartments. These sections are ideal for small items like your cell phone, eyeglasses, a flashlight, spare batteries, a fuel tester, power cords, etc. The FCR has two exterior pockets: a half-height pocket with a top Velcro closure (perfect for a tablet) and a half-height pocket with a bottom zipper closure. With the zipper opened, the bottom compartment can accommodate a telescoping handle for storage atop another travel bag.

Between these end caps, the CS4 provides 4 inches (width) of storage space that can accommodate a pair of headsets, a GPS unit, or similar items. It also includes a top pocket for sunglasses, as well as a Velcro-attachable divider shelf for perfect customizability. The space between the CS4 and FCR can also house a laptop computer (up to 13"). The two side pockets easily and securely attach on either side of the CS4 for quick & easy access to your transceiver and pens/pencils. Outside dimensions measure 14" x 12" x 5". An incredibly well-designed storage bag that can grow - or shrink - as your needs change.

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