Back Country Artist Proof Limited Edition Sam Lyons Print

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Version: Artist Proof
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If you're not one who relishes time in the great outdoors, one look at Sam Lyons' breathtaking Back Country is all it will take to get you communing with nature in nothing flat. The wondrous 15½" x 22" illustration highlights all that the natural environment has to offer - and more. In addition to the image's stunning assortment of verdant grass, dense trees, majestic mountains, and mesmerizing azure sky, Lyons also treats viewers to a few of mankind's manufactured miracles. Easily commanding the observer's attention is the shimmering silver Cessna 170 parked amidst the organic scenery. While the taildragger's glistening sheen is sure to catch your gaze, those familiar with the model will delight in the artist's tip-to-tail, 100% accurate portrayal of the conventional gear classic. The picture's collection of camping equipment also serves to tie together the natural/technological elements of the drawing. This image is available as an Artist Proof (limited to 35). The illustration is printed on acid-free paper, utilizes first-rate permanent inks, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. An exquisite presentation of the world's modern and natural marvels that is, quite simply, a phenomenon in and of itself.

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