ASA The Instrument Flight Manual, 8th Edition

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"The Instrument Flight Manual" from ASA is in its eighth edition for a reason. It has everything you need to know to get your FAA instrument rating and also serves as a reference for pilots who already have one.

The book, by renowned instructor William K. Kershner, employs an easygoing, conversational writing style to cover all the necessary topics, from airplane performance to clearances, flight planning, approach and landing, and more. You can even prepare for knowledge and practical tests with a comprehensive "Instrument Rating Syllabus" within the book.

Kershner has more than six decades of flying experience on 22 types of airplanes, from Cessnas to Boeings, and has earned almost numerous awards for instruction. In 1997, he was named an Elder Statesman of Aviation. Countless of other pilots have found this book helpful, and so will you.

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