ASA 2024 Flight Instructor Test Prep Book

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The 2024 ASA Flight Instructor Test Prep Book is carefully crafted to help you master the knowledge required to pass your FAA Flight Instructor Knowledge Test.

Inside this book, you'll find a wealth of information covering all the essential topics and concepts that you'll encounter in your exams. From aerodynamics and aircraft systems to regulations and flight maneuvers, each subject is explained in a clear and concise manner, accompanied by helpful illustrations and examples.

The ASA Flight Instructor Test Prep Book also includes numerous practice questions and detailed answer explanations to reinforce your understanding and prepare you for the actual exam. Additionally, it features valuable test-taking tips and strategies to boost your confidence and optimize your performance on test day.

Whether you're pursuing your initial flight instructor certificate or adding additional instructor ratings, the 2024 ASA Flight Instructor Test Prep Book is your go-to resource for effective and efficient exam preparation.


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